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Specialists in the design, planning, construction and project management of small scale anaerobic digestion plants.

Reliable energy generation for all farm sizes

Farm Gas Power designs and builds digesters from 50kWe to 499kWe. Complete with automated de-gritting, low energy gas mixing and numerous other features, these digesters offer reduced capital and operating costs, based on more than 30 years UK digester design and installation experience.

A groundbreaking solution

Our anaerobic digestion processs can handle any type of organic feedstock, even if contaminated with ash, sand, grit or soil

Looking for a turnkey solution?

Farm Gas Power designed plants are made to be built for maximum gas generation over the long term, and our service includes the complete design, planning, building and project management of the plant, from conception to completion

Innovative design

With scientific solutions to improve not only the efficiency of digestion, but to maintain the effective digester volume at its maximum throughout its life

The Key Benefits of the Farm Gas Power design over other systems are maximising of gas production, low running costs, reliability and low maintenance

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