Benefits of Farm Gas Power Systems

Low Running Costs

Running costs with the degritting system is cost effective over other systems. Typically other AD plants will need to be shut down every four years or so. The average shut down period is 3 months. This will result in loss of income £500/ kW capacity.

So, for example, a 100kW CHP would lose £50,000 of income, plus the cost of decommissioning and the cleaning out of the tank. Over the life of the contract the loss of income would be £200k – £250k at today’s prices. In addition to this is the build up of grit and silt in the digester, slowly reducing its capacity, making the digester work harder and less efficiently, costing more to run, as the loading rates will have to increase to maintain electrical and thermal output.

Our digester design incorporates the latest innovations in the AD sector and will provide reduced operating expenditure over its lifetime; the system is vastly more efficient than any European style digester. I appreciate that these systems are the norm and have a proven track record of installations; however they also have proven track record of gritting issues, high operating cost and failure before the design lifetime is reached.