Benefits of Farm Gas Power Systems

Pressure / Vacuum Relief

The gas and slurry Pressure / Vacuum Relief valve and Foam Alleviation system is essential.

If there is either an electrical fault, or more volatile materials, such as food wastes, are added to the process, or the digester is over filled, they may foam up causing blockages in gas lines, over pressuring the roof and tank, with a mess to clear up.

The second biggest issue with Anaerobic Digestion is foam; this occurs if the diet of the digester is changed significantly over a short period of time, not allowing the bacteria time to adjust. This is a common occurrence in digesters that process a high percentage of unpredictable food wastes. In an ideal world where the operator has complete control over perfect feedstocks it does not happen. However, with high strength feed stocks, in the real world, at some stage it almost inevitably will.