The Team

Farm Gas Power’s innovative, cost-effective and robust anaerobic digesters are built for maximum gas generation over a long life. Our service includes the complete design, planning, building and project-management of the plant, from conception to handover. Our technology improves the efficiency of digestion by continuously maintaining the effective digester working volume at its maximum. Slurry, crops, crop residues and manures, even those containing sand or grit can now become major sources of income to boost farm viability and reduce costs.

The principals of Farm Gas Power bring together more than 30 years of UK anaerobic digestion experience with more than a decade of agricultural design, planning and project management in order to offer our customers robust and cost-effective digesters.

James Murcott

James’s UK farm digesters have a combined operating time of more than 400 years, with many having operated successfully for more than 25 years. He has built more UK farm digesters than anyone else, in addition to running his own digesters for more than 20 years.

Lee Morphy

Lee has been involved in a number of anaerobic digester projects from design through to planning and project management. His experience in building a wide variety of farm structures and equipment means he understands how a digester can fit into existing farm infrastructure and practice.

Gerry Hooper

Gerry brings a strong track record of building successful engineering businesses to the team and is passionate about ensuring quality and value across all aspects of the business.